10/01/2015 - News

IDEBRA promotes Technical Training in Logistics in the year of 2014

Hope Brazil Development Institute (IDEBRA) closes 2014 with the first 30 young people trained through courses offered by the initiative. Starting in May last year, the students attended classes in courses of  Logistics Operations Assistance and Social Formation, being able to receive the first notions about the two activities. The classes lasted six months. During[...]

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03/06/2014 - Newsletter

Urban Dance workshop begins at the Youth Reference Center

With the purpose to support the young talents of the Duque de Caxias/ RJ communities,  IDEBRA started  the  Urban Dance Workshop in June. Bringing what is most contemporary in dance, new trends and also showing the opportunities that dance can provide to young people,  artistic and professional development, the workshop has been teaching the young[...]

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01/05/2014 - Newsletter

IDEBRA inaugurates Youth Reference Center

IDEBRA is undergoing a major transformation process, which began in August 2013. Seeking to increasingly align the aspirations of young people who are benefited by the Institute. Major changes have been implemented in the institution, seeking to improve the quality and  the quantity of the services offered to Duque de Caxias and all the Baixada[...]

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06/04/2013 - Newsletter

Achievement – Young reaches Federal University

Jaine Cristina Alves de France, 17 years old, joined  the Universidade Federal Fluminense’s course of Physical Education in 2010. A big  achievement for Jaine, but also for all the IDEBRA’s members. Jaine participated in the project for almost 5 years and attended dance and volleyball classes. "It's not just the activities themselves, there they give[...]

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