10/01/2015 - News

IDEBRA promotes Technical Training in Logistics in the year of 2014

Projeto atende jovens em situação de vulnerabilidade no Rio de Janeiro

Hope Brazil Development Institute (IDEBRA) closes 2014 with the first 30 young people trained through courses offered by the initiative. Starting in May last year, the students attended classes in courses of  Logistics Operations Assistance and Social Formation, being able to receive the first notions about the two activities. The classes lasted six months.

During this period the Course Coordinator, Cristian Rene Machado, could analyze all the steps taken by the students and drew the attention to the importance of training these young people. “The job market is increasingly demanding in relation to labor. Research shows that large companies are concerned about the technical knowledge, but above all they are worried about the behavior of its employees. So, in partnership with Senac Rio, which uses the constructive pedagogy in classroom, we work in a clear and effective way to transform these young people”, he explained.

For the graduating student  Guilherme Fiuzo, 19 years old,  it was amazing the opportunity to study daily themes that he did not know and that are now part of his professional life. “When I started the course, I did not even know what Logistics were, but I started  improving and learning a lot. The Social Formation training classes helped me into the job market as a young apprentice”.  Guilherme was one of  the 150 selected candidates and  now works in  the breast implant  manufacturing industry.